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Smart Locking Safe

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  • MaterialStainless Steel, Enforced Concrete
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[ILKEON Trading Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Smart Locking Safe

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GUARDMAN ANTI-CRACK LOCKING SYSTEM keep your safes & vault door locks inaccessible and add up to 500% more secure to your safe and vault lock during a drill and borescope attack because of no real access to the locks.
Since GUARDMAN safe & vaults are designed for inaccessible hidden locking system, so no access hole for combination or other type of mechanical and electronic locks is already made on the door surface, in this regard the burglars have to drill the door surface to reach the safe door inside thus not only GUARDMAN uses PLATE gives you 6 hardened steel layers to protect your hidden and inaccessible lock but also despite GUARDMAN's doors being 4”or thicker with 3 layers of extra hard RC steel hard-plates that protect our special hidden& inaccessible locks so these double-sided rugged pieces of steel stop burglars from tampering with your lock and gaining access.